The Parcmawr Herd: Boers and Boer crosses

           To start with, I bought a 75% male kid for the use of my stud customers, who mostly only wanted the milk  and  were putting the kids in the freezer.  Then I had female day-old triplets given to me by a customer who was nearing 90 years of age and couldn't be bothered with them.  What started as a meat rearing exercise went wrong when I fell in love with them and decided to keep them as breeders.  
        In 1999 we bought Macriloda Benita, a 100% kid mentioned above.     Her first kids, Delius and Donnybrook, were sired by Symphony Copland, a 100% male kid we acquired in 2000.    Based mainly on Arusha,  the original red goat (below), I have started to develop a  group of red goats and I am now concentrating on these and the 100% Boers.

picture of three original boer crosses           Picture of a group of Boer cross

The three originals, Temba, Zimbi and Benoni (left) and some of the next generation, with the 100% female kid