The Parcmawr Herd:
        Pedigree British Toggenburgs

This page is now dedicated to pictures of notable achievers from the Parcmawr and Gongoozler herds.  The pictures are all around 80KB.

Gongoozler Dumpling

The first herd sire, SM † Gongoozler Dumpling, a very succesful British goat born in 1975 who sired many fine offspring, achieved Sire of Merit Status and had considerable success in the show ring.  He was 8 at the time of this photo.  To gain the SM award, the male must have 5 daughters who achieve recognised milking qualifications.

Parcmawr Iorwg

R188 Parcmawr Iorwg *, born 1980, and shown here at Aberystwyth show in 1984, where she was Best BT milker and Best in Show.  An excellent milker, she achieved the highest officially recorded yield for a BT milker in the same year, in a 365-day recorded lactation of 1889 kg

Parcmawr Iris                      

R125 Parcmawr Iris Q*2 Br Ch was the herd's first Breed Champion; Another 1980-model, she was not among the highest-yielding on milk quantity but she had excellent confomation and this helped her to the 5 Best-of-Breed wins that are required for that qualification.  The Q*, a milking trial qualification, testifies to the high quality of her milk, while the 2 indicates that her dam and grand-dam achieved * standard in similar trials.

Parcmawr Marguerite

Born in 1984, R119 Parcmawr Marguertite Q*3 Br Ch continued the line of excellent milkers from her dam, Iris.  She had an illustrious career in shows and produced 25 kids over 11 years - in this photo she is 9 years old.

Parcmawr Nemo and Quercus

And it's not all girls!  Above are 2 very successful males discussing who's boss.  On the left, SM § 125/167 † Parcmawr Nemo Br Ch, born in 1985 and the herd's first male Breed Champion, who had a very successful career both in the show ring and as a stud male.  On the right, SM CH § 188/151 † Parcmawr Quercus Br Ch, born in 1988 and the herd's first male full champion, which requires a Best in Show at 3 shows under different judges.
Quercus was about 18 months old when this picture waas taken.

Parcmawr Redruth

Back to the girls, and this is CH R134 Parcmawr Redruth Q*4 Br Ch.  Born in 1989,  she became the herd's first female full champion, which in addition to the Best in Show qualifications as for the males, also requires that the goat is a successful milker.
Parcmawr Saladin

Born in 1990, § 111/176 † Parcmawr Saladin Br Ch, half brother to Redruth was another success in the show ring.

Young TalleyTalley and
        DaytonaOld Talley

In 1991 Redruth and Quercus between them produced RM193 Parcmawr Talahassee Q*5 Br Ch (and yes, we know it's spelled wrongly).   A very successful milker, in 1996 she achieved the herd's highest officially recorded yield in addition to being a success in the show ring.  The left-hand picture is of her as a young milker,  The middle picture is with her kid in 2001, while the picture on the right shows her at the ripe old age of 11.

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